Get started

Step 1

Start by downloading the BLX app in App Store or Google Play

Step 2

In the app, you register and buy entry. We recommend that you do it at home or on the road, as it takes about 2-4 minutes the first time. From the second visit, it only takes 5 seconds to buy an entrance!

Try on price

You who have never climbed with us at BLX before can with the code FF40 climb for 1.5 hours for only SEK 40.


SEK 89 for 1.5 hours, followed by SEK 1 per minute up to SEK 135. We want to make it extra affordable for beginners who do not have the strength to climb for that long or for you who want to run a shorter session. For SEK 135 you can stay all day!

Climb with children

Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to climb under the supervision of a responsible adult. If there are several children, one gets to climb at a time.
If the child doesn’t have their own mobile phone, you can walk through the entrance together and spend SEK 89 at the shoe rental.
Children who are 12 years or older need their own BLX account in their mobile phone. You will receive all safety rules when registering in the app.
During afternoons, we usually have staff in the climbing gym who are happy to help you with more information and tips. You can also book an introduction or register your child for the Climbing Academy (8-17 years).

Rental shoes

There are climbing shoes for rent in the climbing hall.
SEK 49 with Swish or SEK 50 in cash.

How to get here

Download the BLX app and get started!