No previous knowledge required, everyone can start climbing!
Here are some tips down the road:


Warm up properly before you start climbing!
You can do this with the help of our treadmills, bicycles or rowing machines but also through exercises such as Jumping Jacks.
Start by climbing some simple problems before you start challenging yourself. We recommend starting each visit with us in our cardio department and / or in the gym, which is located directly to the left when you enter the upper floor.


If you do not manage a problem despite many attempts, you can use
“cheat grip”, ie. take the help of grips in a different color.
Once you have solved the problem, you can try to solve it again without help. 


Sooner or later, your hands start to sweat as you climb, which reduces friction and impairs your grip. You can prevent this by using chalk.
For best results, we recommend liquid chalk that can be bought in our vending machine in the hallway towards the bouldering room.
You can also buy chalk blocks from the staff and pay directly by Swish.


There are a number of technical tips to keep in mind such as remembering to climb with your feet and having your body close to the wall.
Also try to climb down as far as possible instead of jumping to avoid unnecessary strain on the body.
Our idea is to have staff on the floor instead of behind a reception to be available to help and come up with tips. Our staff is very knowledgeable and half are also members of the Swedish National Team and can also give tips to you who climbs on more advanced levels.

If you have Instagram, we recommend following 365_climbing_tips. 
And blx.boulderingclub!


Climbing shoes offer support for your toes and an extra good grip for climbing! For the best experience, we recommend renting a pair of our climbing shoes from Red chili climbing. 
On the stairs leading to our upper floor climbing wall, you will find rental climbing shoes in sizes 28-48.
At the bottom of the stairs, you will find a Swish QR code- scan the code and rent a pair for the rest of your climbing session
(use socks in the shoes).
After use, close the straps and put the shoes back on the shelves.


It hurts to fall on the keys and replacing the screen on the phone is expensive
… we do not need to explain more than that.

Download the BLX app and get started!