Boost your bouldering performance

Climbro is a smart hanging board made of wood with eight different grips and force sensors. These integrate with an app to create a user profile with customized training plans based on your strength. Climbro is based on years of scientific research and performance evaluations of more than 1000 climbers.

  • Evaluates finger strength and endurance
  • Displays the applied force in real-time
  • Creates personalized training plans
  • Provides control over intensity
  • Guides you during your training
  • Shows your climbing potential

The advanced measurement system and the unique combination of power sensors enable comprehensive evaluations of your physical condition and make Climbro a powerful bouldering training tool. Based on these evaluations, personalized training plans are created to improve your performance.

Your grip strength and endurance affect how and how hard you can pull. A strong grip gives you time on the wall to reassess your climbing tactics and technique and make those important split-second decisions. Grip strength is the most important physical characteristic of a climber.