Boost your bouldering performance


Climbro is a smart hanging board made of wood designed to help bouldering and climbing enthusiasts improve their performance. It contains eight different grip and force sensors that integrate with a mobile app. The app creates user profiles and customized training plans based on the user’s strength.

Climbro is the result of extensive scientific research and performance considerations based on the experience of over 1000 climbers. Its main features include evaluation of finger strength and endurance, real-time display of applied force, creation of personalized training plans, ability to control training intensity, and training guidance to help users maximize their climbing potential.


Climbro is equipped with advanced technology, including force sensors, which help you assess your physical ability. This makes Climbro a powerful tool for bouldering training. Using this technology, you can create personalized training plans that are tailored to improve your performance.

Your ability to grip and your endurance are important factors that affect how you climb and how hard you can push yourself. If you have a strong ability to grip the handles, it gives you more time on the wall to think about your climbing strategy, use the right technique and make important decisions quickly. Grip strength is considered the most important physical attribute of a climber.