Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive

What is the rooftop terrace?

The roof terrace has a 30m long and 4.5m high climbing wall. The entire wall is under a roof so you can climb even if it is raining. In addition to bouldering, the terrace has sun loungers so you can relax or enjoy the view. We also usually grill vegan burgers on summer evenings!

Do you offer clip cards (multiple entrances)?

Yes! Clip cards are available in our App.

Can I see how many minutes I have left on my clip card?

It appears when you click “Climb now” in the app. Latest when you scan the QR code in the entrance, it shows how many minutes are left on the clip card.

Can children under the age of 12 climb too?

Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to climb under the supervision of a responsible adult. If there are several children, one gets to climb at a time.
If the child doesn’t have their own mobile phone, you can walk through the entrance together and spend SEK 89 at the shoe rental.
Children who are 12 years or older need their own BLX account in their mobile phone. You will receive all safety rules when registering in the app.
During afternoons, we usually have staff in the climbing gym who are happy to help you with more information and tips.
You can also book an introduction or register your child for the Climbing Academy (8-17 years).

Can I climb at BLX with Bruce or Swiftr?

Yes, anyone who has Bruce or Swiftr can climb at BLX at no extra cost! Just scan the qr code at the door with your Bruce / Swiftr app.

Is it possible to book the rooftop terrace for private / corporate events?

Absolutely! Just send an email to and write who, when and what kind of event.

Why do I need the app to climb at BLX?

Anyone who wants to climb at BLX needs to use our App (Available in the App Store and Google Play Store). This is necessary for security reasons (we need to know who is climbing with us to ensure that everyone has read the safety rules). But it is also the easiest way for you to start climbing, pay and get in / out. It also works when the gym is unmanned so you can climb early in the morning or late in the evening!

Is there a connection to SATS and Padel?

We share the entrance and changing rooms with SATS Padel and you pass the padel courts to get to the climbing areas.

I have problems registering on the BLX app – what should I do?

Sorry to hear that! Please send an email to and explain the problem – please add more information you have available (eg which mobile phone you are using, in which step the problem appeared, screenshots of the problem). We will try to help you as quickly as possible. Also write your mobile number so that we can contact you directly if needed.

I do not have a Swedish social security number – can I climb on BLX?

Yes, it works! When registering in the app, there is an option saying “I don’t have a personnummer” and then you can just put in your info manually.

I bought a membership through the app but the cost has not been deducted from my bank account – is something wrong?

No worries! In some cases, it can take up to 2 weeks before the cost is deducted from your bank account.

Do you have a store (for clothing and equipment)?

We offer a great selection of clothes, shoes and chalk from Houdini, Redchili and Petzl. For a wider selection, we recommend visiting our sponsor Naturkompaniet where you can find more products. They also offer a starter kit (shoes and chalk) with a 10% discount for BLX customers.

If you have not received an answer to your question, please email us at