We are happy that you are curious about climbing with us at BLX!

No previous knowledge required, everyone can start climbing!

Bouldering is the simplest form of climbing, completely without ropes or carbines. All you need is a pair of shoes – which you can borrow from us, and you are ready to start climbing! In bouldering, fun is combined with strength, endurance, concentration and creativity. It is also a social sport that can be practiced at any time by anyone, alone or with others.

Bouldering on BLX is suitable for all levels of climbers. We offer climbing for everyone! Our experienced Routesetting team strives to create the funniest, coolest and most challenging boulders that you can climb. Every week, our team removes the oldest boulder problems in the gym and builds new ones so you always have something new to climb every time you come and visit us!

The walls on BLX are between 3 – 4.5 meters high and the entire floor consists of a thick, soft landing mat for your safety. We have bouldering problems with levels of difficulty from easy to extra difficult. There is something for everyone – regardless of age and previous climbing experience!

Important to think about before you start climbing

Warm up properly before you start climbing! You can do this with the help of our treadmills, bicycles or rowing machines but also through exercises such as Jumping Jacks. Start by climbing some simple problems before you start challenging yourself. We recommend starting each visit with us in our cardio department and / or in the gym, which is located directly to the left when you enter the upper floor.


Different levels

At BLX, we grade our routes in 5 different categories from beginner to expert level. Each boulder is indicated by strips of colored tape. For a correct start, both hands and feet must touch the grips with the pieces of tape. For example, two pieces of tape on one grip and two on another indicate that you start with two limbs on each (feet and hands).

  • Each so-called “problem” consists of grips of the same color.

  • The color of the tape indicates the degree of difficulty of the problem – so-called “grading”.

  • Green tape indicates the first level, suitable for new climbers, followed by blue, red, black and finally white which is the most difficult.

  • The goal is to touch in a controlled way with both hands at the last grip marked with the same color as the starting grip.


If you do not manage a problem despite many attempts, you can use “cheat grip”, ie. take the help of grips in a different color. Once you have solved the problem, you can try to solve it again without help.

Climbing is not about solving as many problems as possible, but about finding problems that you like and that challenge you. We build problems that not only require strength, but that are also tricky and that you need to test yourself on. For example, you may need to test whether it is best to start with the right or left hand, or if you should place the hand in a special way in the grip.

Some technical tips

  • Remember to climb with your feet and keep your body close to the wall.

  • Try to climb down as far as possible instead of jumping to avoid unnecessary strain on the body.

  • We have staff on the carpet instead of behind a reception to be available for help and tips!

  • Climbing shoes! They provide support for the toes and an extra good grip for climbing. For the best experience, we recommend renting a pair of our climbing shoes from Red Chili Climbing.

On the stairs that lead to our climbing wall upstairs, you will find rental climbing shoes in sizes 28-48. At the bottom of the stairs you will find a QR code for Swish, scan the code and rent a pair for the rest of your climbing session (use socks in your shoes). After use, close the straps and put the shoes back on the shelf.