Create your own problems at the


A Spray Wall, also called “Kaosvägg” or “Sprayvägg” in Sweden, is a wall full of grips in different shapes, and they have no specific colors or predefined bouldering problems. On these walls you create your own climbing problems and practice different movement combinations. It is a valuable training tool to help you improve your climbing skills.

Spray walls are quite challenging, and are mainly intended for intermediate to advanced level climbers. If you are a beginner, they may be less suitable for you. Many climbing professionals consider the spray wall to be one of the most valuable tools in bouldering, and even the Swedish National Team uses it regularly. You have the option to create your own climbing problems, giving you the chance to train specific weaknesses while increasing your creativity by inventing your own climbing combinations.


Spray walls are ideal for boosting your power. You can create challenging movements that match or exceed your maximum ability. The ability to create your own climbing patterns gives you the freedom to challenge yourself.


Another advantage is the variety of grips on spray walls. Climbers often train their endurance by stringing together many pulls, usually 10 to 50, on a spray wall. A common exercise is called “Up-Down-Up,” where you climb up, down, and up again without resting. For more advanced exercises, you can avoid using the same move twice, increasing the challenge and effectiveness.


This means that you perform several powerful movements in succession at your maximum capacity. The varying amount of grip on a spray wall allows for the creation of your own problems and for connecting several difficult moves in a sequence. Overhanging sections of the wall on spray walls further challenge by requiring more strength and balance.


An additional benefit is that you can test problems that target your specific weaknesses. If you need to improve coordination, you can easily create challenging problems that challenge that particular skill.


Many climbers like to practice on a spray wall because it requires creative thinking. Creating and solving your own grip combinations adds a fun and creative dimension to climbing the spray wall.