Tension Board, or Spänningsbräda in Swedish, is a perfect tool to use to get a rapid development in bouldering climbing and is perhaps one of the most radical training systems available today.

Tension Climbing

  • Tension Climbing was founded in 2015 by the Colorado-based designers Will Anglin and Ben Spannuth. They had grown tired of the sharp plastic edges of the bouldering walls and decided to do something about it.

    Since its inception, Tension Climbing has sponsored some of the world’s top athletes and built some of the world’s best training products.

What is the Tension Board used for?

  • Tension Board’s focus is on precision and is manufactured from the highest quality materials. The grips are made of low-friction wood, which challenges your grip strength.

    The more you climb on the Tension Board, the clearer your imbalances will become, allowing you to clearly notice progress and improvement. This makes the Tension Board an exceptional testing tool if you, as a climber, actively consider your weaknesses.

How do I use the Tension Board on BLX?

  • Our Tension Board is designed to be the ultimate training board for climbing. Each grip has an LED light and only those grips where the light is lit may be used. All grips are made of wood to reduce wear and tear on the skin while promoting a sustainable climbing style. A mirrored layout enables balanced training exercises and range of motion training to the next level!


    The first step is to download the “Tension Board” app from the App Store or Google Play. You then set Full size – All grips – 40 degrees.
    Then you connect your mobile to the wall and select a problem.
    The grading is quite hard and many are initially 2-3 degrees below what they usually climb.