Develop your climbing skills with the


A Tension Board is a fantastic tool to quickly improve your bouldering climbing and is considered one of the most innovative training systems available today.

Tension Climbing was founded in 2015 by Will Anglin and Ben Spannuth, both from Colorado. Tired of the sharp plastic edges of bouldering walls, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Sedan starten har Tension Climbing sponsrat några av världens mest framstående klättrare och skapat några av de bästa träningsprodukterna i världen.


The Tension Board is designed with a strong focus on precision and is constructed with high quality materials. The grips on the Tension Board are made of low-friction wood, challenging your ability to hold on.

By climbing regularly on a Tension Board, any imbalances in your climbing technique become clearer and you can more easily identify progress and improvements. Therefore, the Tension Board works great as a tool to test and address your weaknesses as a climber.


Our Tension Board at BLX is created to be the ultimate training tool for climbing. What makes it unique is that each grip is equipped with an LED light, and only the grips where the light is on are allowed to be used.

All grips are made of wood, which is not only gentle on your skin but also promotes a sustainable climbing style. In addition, the Tension Board is designed with a mirrored layout that allows for balanced training and takes your movement training to a new level!


För att komma igång med Tension Board, följ dessa steg:

  1. Download the app: Start by downloading the “Tension Board” app from either the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Configure Settings: Once you have the app installed, set it to “Full Size – All Grips – 40 Degrees” for the best experience.
  3. Connect your phone: Next, connect your phone to the Tension Board wall and select a climbing problem.

Keep in mind that the grading can be quite demanding, and many climbers often start with problems that are 2-3 degrees lower than what they normally climb. Be patient and challenge yourself!