What is bouldering?

Bouldering is the easiest form of climbing. No need for ropes or carabiners, the only things you need are chalk and climbing shoes. Bouldering stems from the English word boulder which refers to a large rock. In Bouldering, you climb about 3-4 meters high following a “route” or a set number of colored holds to the top. For protection, there is a thickly padded mattress floor.

The origin of the sport is often attributed to having started in the region of Fontainebleau, south of Paris, where numerous big sand-polished boulders are scattered in a vast forest. The climbers made a sport of who could climb up these boulders unassisted from the ground up, using only the holds and friction of the stone. As climbers got more skilled they sought more and more challenging “routes” or ways up the boulders.

Bouldering at BLX is suitable for all levels of climbers. We offer climbing for everyone! Our experienced Routesetting team strives to create the most Fun, Challenging, and Cool looking boulders for you to climb on. Every week our team strips the oldest boulder problems in the gym and builds new ones so you always have something new to climb on every time you come and visit us for training!

No previous knowledge required, everyone can start climbing!