No previous knowledge required, everyone can start to climb

We offer climbing for everyone!

Our experienced routesetting team strives to create the coolest and most challenging boulders for you to climb.

Every week, our team removes the oldest boulder problems in the gym and builds new ones, so you always have something new to climb whenever you come visit us!

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Bouldering is the easiest form of climbing

Completely without ropes or carabiner. All you need is a pair of shoes – which you can rent from us, and you are ready to start climbing! Bouldering combines pleasure with strength, endurance, concentration and creativity. It is also a social sport that can be practiced at any time by anyone, alone or together with others.

The word bouldering comes from English and means “boulder”

The origin of the sport is often attributed to the region of Fontainebleau, south of Paris, where many large sand-polished boulders are scattered in a large forest. The climbers made a sport of who could climb up these boulders only by using the grip and friction of the stone. As the climbers became more skilled, they searched for more and more challenging paths up the boulders.

The walls at BLX are between 3 – 4.5 meters high

The entire floor consists of a thick, soft landing mat for your safety. We have bouldering problems with levels of difficulty from easy to extra difficult.

There is something for everyone – regardless of age and previous climbing experience!

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