Challenge your colleagues

Our Teambuilding Activities are created to suit business groups. They are challenging but not too difficult and complicated, so that all participants will feel like winners and have fun together. We strive for everyone to be involved and participate. We have experienced climbing instructors who help with warm-up, tips and tricks and go over rules and safety with you.

The price is SEK 295 per person, including everything (min. SEK 1,750).

•                           Grilled hamburger with drink: SEK 100

•                           Grilled double hamburger with drink: SEK 130

•                           Grilled vegan burger with drink: SEK 115

•                           Falafel wrap with drink: SEK 100

•                           Ice cream for dessert: SEK 30

•                           Coffee: SEK 20

•                           Drink: SEK 29

The price includes entry, rental shoes, review of safety and rules, warm-up and coaching by our experienced trainers for 90 minutes and climbing on your own.

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Bouldering is a fun activity that is suitable for team building exercises, team building activities and team activities. It is a popular company event in Stockholm and an excellent way to build the team and strengthen cohesion. Companies can find inspiration for team-building activities and fun team-building games that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Climbing is a great way to challenge different levels of ability and get everyone working together. It’s a great way to encourage both team building and leadership.

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