Klätterkalas på BLX för alla barn

All kids love to climb and we have climbing for all kids

Climbing is the perfect birthday activity that both challenges and develops. We offer birthday parties with personal instructors.
Let the children cheer and encourage each other to climb higher and then land on the soft landing mat that covers the entire floor!
We promise a challenging and fun party that all kids will love!

Birthday Party at BLX

  • Age:
    We recommend at least 6 years but we have no formal age limit

  • Number of children:
    Maximum 16 kids over 10 years
    Maximum 12 kids under 10 years

  • Clothes:
    T-shirt and long training pants works great to climb in!

  • Duration:
    90 minutes, longer time is possible

  • Food:
    We offer hot dogs with bread including a drink for 30 SEK / child.
    You can also bring your own food, please inform us in advance in that case.

  • Shoes:
    It is possible to climb in indoor shoes, but we recommend renting the shoes on site for the optimal climbing experience (SEK 45 /pair)

  • Cost:
    250 SEK / child

Request for a birthday party

Please send an email to event@blx.rocks and provide the following information:

  • Your first-and last name

  • Number of participants

  • Age range of the children

  • If you wish to rent shoes

  • If you wish to book food