Parking facilities outside the entrance


Our facility is located on floor 4 of the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia.  Please note that there are only two elevators that provide access to this level, so it can be a bit challenging to find, the first time you visit.

If you come here by car, it is easiest to drive left at the roundabout after the bridge and then continue to the garage entrance at the top of the ramp. Once inside, drive up further until you reach floor 4 and can follow the BLX signs. You reach the entrance via the garage.

  • Visitors can enjoy free parking for up to 2 hours in the parking garage of the Mall of Scandinavia.
  • Members have the additional advantage of extended parking for up to 4 hours, free of charge.

If you are traveling by municipal transport, you can take one of the two lifts on the map “Level 0” up to floor 4 and from there follow the BLX signs.

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How to get from the entrance to:

1- the gym
2- the climbing walls
3- the outdoor wall
4- the rooftop terrace

We also have a vending machine, self-service shoe rental and a lounge!